Egypt launches Facebook campaign to kick out Syrian ambassador
Ahram Online, Wednesday 10 Aug 2011
Egyptian activists are seeking to gather one million signatures in a bid to have the Syrian ambassador to Egypt ejected from the country

A number of Egyptian activists have launched a campaign on Facebook, seeking to gather one million signatures demanding the Syrian ambassador to Egypt be kicked out of the country.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his regime are under fire for their “brutal methods of suppressing the ongoing protests in Syria and killing peaceful demonstrators”.

Activists conducting the campaign -- most of them are from El-Wasat Party -- said that “Egyptians have tasted the bitterness of injustice and tyranny, and thus they feel the Syrians’ thirst for freedom.”

They also accused al-Assad of committing inhumane crimes, saying he is regarded as a war criminal that should be fairly tried.

“The ambassador of a regime producing this kind of criminal practices shouldn’t remain in Egypt,” the activists said.