Egyptian policeman sentenced to 8 years for murder, torture
Ahram Online, , Tuesday 9 Feb 2016
The officer was found guilty of torturing to death veterinarian Afifi Hassan in Egypt's Ismailia governorate

An Egyptian criminal court sentenced a police officer in Ismailiya to eight years in prison on charges of killing a veterinarian in the governorate of Ismailia late last year, state news agency MENA reported.

The sentence can still be appealed.

In November 2015, the interior ministry suspended officer Mohamed Ibrahim after he was accused of torturing veterinarian Afify Hassan.

Forensic reports showed that the torture of Hassan led to his death.

Torture is outlawed by Egypt's 2014 constitution, with Article 52 stating that "torture in all its forms is a crime without a statute of limitations."

Although human rights groups say that torture remains widespread in Egyptian police stations and prisons, the interior ministry has repeatedly insists it does not tolerate any misconduct by officers.