Egyptian State TV bans songs of Hany Shaker
Ahram Online, Monday 15 Aug 2011
In spite of the Egyptian State Television's support of the revolution, two of the singer's latest songs remain banned from broadcasting

In spite of the Egyptian State Television’s dedication to supporting the revolution and the implementation of ‘freedom of expression’ ideology, two of Egyptian singer, Hany Shaker's patriotic songs remain banned from broadcasting.

Ahram Online reports that Hany Shaker had actually dedicated these two songs to Egypt's National Television channels after the January 25 revolution.

However, the songs 'Eid Wahda' and 'Sout El Shohy' have been banned from featuring on any Egyptian channel, claiming that authorities have complained about one verse in 'Sout El Shohy'. The lyricist for this song is Ramy Youssef and was composed by Hany Shaker.

Shaker’s other song, 'Eid Wahda', was produced during the tragic bombing of al-Qiddissin church in Alexandria; but it too has never been aired. The lyricist is Waleed Khalaf and it was composed by Waleed Saad.