2011 Ramadan menu series: Iftar in typical Mohandessin cafés
Dahlia Ferrer, Monday 22 Aug 2011
Pricing, Ramadan iftar menu listing and phone numbers of some of Mohandessin's typical cafés

Every week Ahram Online has been highlighting the Ramadan menus of cafés in each area of Cairo, complete with pricing and phone numbers. We first highlighted Zamalek, then Heliopolis, followed by Maadi and now we are finishing off with Mohandessin. Of course, the typical Mohandessin cafés cannot be missed off this list.

2 Gamaat El-Dowal
(On the rooftop of the Holiday Express Hotel, which is right next to the Nabila Hotel)
They have their normal menu, and a special á la carte menu for Ramadan, which includes:

Á la carte Ramadan menu
(prices vary from LE 10 for appetizers - LE49 for main dishes)

Main dishes
Molokheyya with chicken and white rice
Half chicken (baked) and potato or rice
Grilled pigeon
Mombar (stuffed intestines)
Okra, veggie, dolmad, green bean, tajins

Qmr el din, tamarind and hibiscus juices, sahlab, milk with dates

Rather extensive “oriental” sweets (konafa, basbusa, qteyf, etc)


4 Syria Street
Tel.: 233471573

Á la carte Ramadan menu
(prices vary from LE 13 for appetizers – LE85 for a full, 3-course Ramadan meal)

“Iftar Ciccio” LE85 for a soup, salad, main dish and Ramadan drink)


Order from the á la carte Ramadan menu:
Stuffed fillet with sauce
Escalop pané
Picatta with mushroom sauce
Lebanese-style grilled chicken
Chicken pané
Mixed grill

Salads: chicken Caesar, Greek, chef chicken taco, yoghurt, green

Soup: chicken, mushroom, chicken and mushroom, soup of the day

Appetizer: onion rings, spring rolls, chicken strips, fried mozzarella, quesadilla, Buffalo wings

Desserts: rice pudding with prunes, mahlabiya, golash with nuts, Om Ali, various “oriental” sweets

Typical Ramadan drinks


4 El Samar Street
(next to the Mostafa Mahmoud Mosque, from Batal Ahmed Aziz Street)
Tel.: 50041679 or 60041673

Soup: lissan asfour, chicken or mushroom

Salads and sides: tomato and cucumber, lebna, tabouleh, fetoush

Tajins: veggie, ground beef, okra, tomato and onion, meat and onion tajins

Main dishes:
Lebanese-style grilled chicken
Grilled filet with your choice of sauce
Picatta with mushroom sauce
Mixed grill
Fratelli-style seafood
Grilled chicken with your choice of sauce

And if you just want to stay at home, there is always Abu Amar, the highly popular Syrian shawerma spot (they do have a place to sit upstairs, but it is small).

Abu Amar
Tel.: 7886333, 427326733, 010671016