New release: Uprisings and Revolutions
Ahram Online, Tuesday 30 Aug 2011
Mohamed Hafez Diab's new book analyses the differences between uprisings and revolutions in Egypt's modern history

Dr Mohamed Hafez Diab observes in his latest book the commonalities and differences between outbursts, uprisings and revolutions that broke out in Egypt between July 1798 when Napoleon conquered Egypt, until January 1977 events.

He also tries to answer this question: Are the different ways of struggling against the invasion and protesting against the native authorities actually revolutions, just uprisings or precarious events? It is worth mentioning that the book was published in the history series of the historical studies centre of Al-Shorouk publishing house.

Intefadat wa Thawarat, (Uprisings and Revolutions)
By Mohamed Hafez Diab
Al-Shorouk publishing house 2011, 236 pp.