Over 200 arrested in Zambia amid anti-Rwandan attacks
AP, Wednesday 20 Apr 2016

Police in Zambia arrested over 200 people for allegedly attacking Rwandan nationals and looting their shops in the capital.

Some Lusaka residents had been protesting a spate of ritual killings blamed on Rwandans. The ritual killings started in March with several bodies, mainly of men, found with parts missing.

Police say about 11 people have been arrested in connection with ritual murders of about seven people.

The riots started on Monday in densely populated areas with resident looting shops owned by Rwandese nationals. About 62 shops were destroyed. Youths stood by a car that had been overturned and burned.

Most of the Rwandans were refugees following the 1994 genocide. Most of the 6,500 Rwandans in Zambia trade goods.

Rwanda charge d'affaires Abel Buhungu commended police for their swift action.