Blaze extinguished at Cairo's historic Ghouriya area: Ministry
Ahram Online, Wednesday 11 May 2016
The blaze is the latest in a series of fires reported in several parts of the country over the past two days, including one in downtown Cairo that killed 3 people

A fire broke out early on Wednesday at a historic market in old Cairo, two days after a massive blaze engulfed a busy commercial area in the centre of the capital, killing three people.

Wednesday's fire in the Ghouriya area, a historic complex whose commercial area is known for the sale of textiles, is the latest ina string of firesthat broke out in different governorates over the past few days that has lead to several deaths and dozens of injuries.

An interior ministry spokesman said a fire fighting team successfully put out the flames that started at two textiles shops before it extended further in the area.

He was quoted by state news agency MENA as saying that the fire left no casualties.

Photos published by local media showed charred shops with totally burnt fabric rolls.

A probe into the cause of the blaze is underway.

Ghouriya is located near the historic market of Khan Al-Khalili in the heart if Islamic Cairo,not far from Al-Azhar mosque.

Fire fighters have struggled for two days to extinguish the major blaze that engulfed the populous downtown Cairo’s Attaba neighbourhood. Officials say the fire continued to restart due to the large quantities of fabrics and inflammable materials stored at warehouses and shops there.

Three people were killed and over 90 wounded in the fierce blaze.

Some shop owners and vendors suspect that foul play is behind the incident, and the subsequent incidents elsewhere bolster doubts of a criminal factor.

A Chamber of Commerce official saidlosses from the Attaba blaze are estimated at EGP 400 million (approx. $45 million) after the fire engulfed 238 shops and dozens of stalls.