New Release: A Testimony of Hope on Egypt's Revolution by Yosri Fouda
Ahram Online , Tuesday 12 Jul 2016
Yosri Fouda's second book is a subjective testimony on Egypt's political and media scene following the 25 January revolution

Akher Kalam (The Last Talk: A Testimony of Hope on Egypt's Revolution), by: Yosri Fouda, (Cairo : Dar El-Shorouk), 2016

Egyptian renowned TV presenter, Yosri Fouda, the former Al-Jazeera correspondent known for investigative work, has released his second book in Arabic, entitled Akher Kalam (The Last Talk: A Testimony of Hope on Egypt's Revolution), from Dar El-Shorouk, after his successful book In Harm's Way, which was released last year and details his meeting with the 9/11 masterminds.

The new book carries the name of Fouda's talk show that he used to present from Egypt, before he left Egyptian media in 2014 to join Deutsche Welle. The book was expected to be released in January of this year but it was delayed for unknown reasons.

In his book, Fouda gives his account of the political scene in Egypt and the Egyptian media during the past 5 years - including meetings interviews with the high-level decision makers- and glimpses of the meetings from a behind-the-scenes viewpoint.

In one chapter, he reveals the details of a private session that he had with the then-minister of defense Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi a mere two months before the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi. In a published excerpt from the book, Fouda says that in this meeting he asked El-Sisi to apologize to the Egyptian people for the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces' mismanagement of the transitional period following the 25 January revolution, a request that, according to the book, was not received well by El-Sisi.

On the back cover Fouda wrote: "This book is a subjective look from a difficult journalistic point of view on an event that has no equal in our modern history. It is a personal experience that can't be separated from a general one that we lived throughout a few years and many dreams unleashed by the 25 January revolution."