Google Doodle celebrates Persian astronomer 'Azophi' Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sufi
Ahram Online, Wednesday 7 Dec 2016
Doodle celebrates Al-Sufi on what would be his 1,113th birthday

Google doodle celebrates Persian astronomer Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sufi known in the West as Azophi and Azophi Arabus, with a representation of the constellation Cancer, or “the Crab.”

Al Sufi was born on 7 December, 903 in Rey, Iran and died, aged 83, on 25 May, 986, Shiraz, Iran.

"Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sufi forever changed the way we look at the stars in the sky. As one of the world’s most influential astronomers, he dedicated his life to furthering our understanding of the stars and constellations. The lunar crater 'Azophi' and the minor planet '12621 Alsufi' are named after him,"Google's commentary on it's new doodle reads.

Al-Sufi, one of the most famous nine Muslim astronomers, lived in and worked out ofthe court of Emir Adud ad-Daula in Ispahan, Persia.

He focused on translation of works of the Almagest of Ptolemy and other Greek astronomers.

Al-Sufi expanded Ptolemy's star list, adding his own estimates, often correcting what he believed to be innacurate in Greek work.

Al-Sufi also contributed to revival and further development of Hellnistic astronomy through his work in Egypt's Alexandria.

He researched and often compiled Arab and Hellenistic findings in order to create a comprehensive astronomical map of the time.

His representation of the constellation Cancer, also known as “the Crab," is based on one of the drawings coming from Al-Sufi’s manuscript The Book of Fixed Stars.

The Google Doodle commemorating Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sufi can be viewed in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, UAE Oman, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, and Egypt.

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