Egyptian films expected in 2017: A selection
Ahram Online, Tuesday 10 Jan 2017
Ahram Online takes a quick look at some promising Egyptian films set to premiere in Egypt this year

The new year opens with a number of film releases not to be missed. Check out our list below for films hitting Egypt's big screen in January, as well as upcoming Egyptian releases and films still in production.

11 January
Fein Alby? (Where is My Heart?)
Directed by: Ehab Rady
Starring: Mostafa Amar, Yosra El-Lozy, Sherine Edward, Hameed El-Shaery

A romantic comedy about a man who marries the woman he loves, only to become haunted by an old love and remain torn between the two.

18 January
El-Armouty Fi Ard El-Nar (El-Armouty in the Line of Fire)
Directed by: Ahmed Badry
Starring: Ahmed Adam, Amira Fathy, Maged Mahrous, Mohamed Adel

A revival of Ahmed Adam’s comic character, El-Armouty after an 11 year hiatus. When El-Armouty travels on vacation, he eventually falls hostage to IS, and he faces the choice of joining, resisting or escaping. One of the films sub-themes is the influence of modern technology on life and current events.

18 January
Yabany Asly (Native Japanese)
Directed by: Mahmoud Karim
Starring: Ahmed Eid, Mohamed Tharwat, Nada Mosa

The story centers on Moharram, an Egyptian man who falls in love with a Japanese woman working at the Japanese embassy in Cairo. They marry and have children, who the woman takes back to Japan. In a visit to Japan Moharram tries to find them and bring them back to Egypt.


20 January
Yegaalo Amer (Prosperous Home)
Directed by: Shady Aly
Starring: Ahmed Rizk, Poussy, Bayoumy Fouad

The film is written by Sayed El-Sobky, and centers on a man named Amer, who is paranoid and mistrusts everyone around him, including his wife who he divorces and remarries several times.

25 January
El-Erd Beyetkalem (Monkey Talks)
Directed by: Peter Mimi
Starring: Ahmed El-Fishawy, Amr Waked and Riham Haggag

The film is about two brothers, magicians Taha and Rashad El-Shenawy, who attempt to free their father from prison using a magic spell.

25 January
Akher Deek Fi Masr (Last Hen in Egypt)
Directed by: Amr Arafa
Starring: Mohamed Ramadan, Mai Omar, Dina El-Sherbini, Mohamed Tharwat

The comedy is about a man who nearly drowns but survives while attempting to flee the country illegally by sea. When he returns to his village, he finds that he is the only remaining member of the ‘Deek’ family.


Films already released but awaiting Egyptian premiere and films still in production:

Ali Meaza w Ibrahim (Ali, The Goat and Ibrahim)
Directed by: Sherif El-Bendary
Starring: Ali Sobhy, Ahmed Magdy, Nahed El-Sebai

The story of a man who believes that his dead girlfriend has been reincarnated as a goat that he names Nada. At the healer’s clinic, Ali meets Ibrahim, and they are both given the diagnosis of 'cursed.' When the healer prescribes a solution to break the spell, it sets the characters on an adventure that takes them to the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Nile.

The film won the Muhr feature award for Best Actor at the 13th Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), where it had its world premiere.

Tesbah Ala Kheir (Good Night)
Directed by: Mohamed Sami
Starring: Tamer Hosny, Ahmed Zaher, Nour, Dorra

Three men are exposed to difficult and embarrassing situations because of physical abnormalities, in a dark comedy about emotional damage.

Gawab Eateqal (Arrest Letter)
Directed by: Mohamed Sami
Starring: Mohamed Ramadan, Mohamed Adel, Sayed Ragab

Mohamed Ramadan is Khaled El-Degwy, a member of a terrorist group that conducts homicide operations in the name of Jihad. His younger brother, who insists on joining the group, is killed in a fight with one the group’s members. Khaled turns on the group to avenge his brother’s death, at the same time that he is summoned for arrest.

Qesty Beyewgaany (My Mortgage Hurts)
Directed by: Ehab Lamie
Starring: Hany Ramzy, Amira Shrabi, Samar El-Sheikh

With electricity prices rising, a man who works as an electricity rate collector falls into challenges and comic situations on duty while facing the tenants.


El-Asleyeen (The Natives)
Directed by: Marwan Hamed
Starring: Menna Shalaby, Kinda Alloush, Khaled El-Sawy

Ya Tehady ya Te’ady (Drive Slowly or Move Forward)
Directed by: Khaled El-Helfawy
Starring: Ayten Amer, Mohamed Shaheen, Mohamed Adel

Mamnooa El-Eqterab aw El-Tasweer (No Approaching or Taking Photos)
Directed by: Romani Saad
Starring: Mervat Amin, Yosra El-Lozy, Mohamed Mahran, Bayoumy Fouad

Fi Yom Men El Ayam (Someday)
Directed by: Mohamed Mostafa
Starring: Mahmoud Hemeida, Heba Magdy, Lotfy labib


El-Khaleya (The Cell)
Directed by: Tarek El-Erian
Starring: Ahmed Ezz, Ismail Sharaf El-Deen, Amina Khalil

Akhlaq El-Abeed (Slave Morality)
Directed by: Ayman Makram
Starring: Khaled El-Sawy, Lotfy Labib, Yosra El-Lozy

Kheir w Baraka (Goodness and Blessings)
Directed by: Sameh Abdelaziz
Starring: Ali Rabie, Mohamed Abdelrahman, Bayoumy Fouad

Horoob Edterary (Forced Escape)
Directed by: Ahmed Khaled Mousa
Starring: Ahmed El-Sakka, Amir Karara, Ghada Adel

One Plus One Makes a Pharoah's Chocolate Cake
Directed by: Marouan Omara, Islam Kamal

An experimentaldocumentaryabout festival music pioneer Islam Chipsy, who mixes electronica with acoustic sounds on his keyboard. The film is shot in VHS format and produced by the Alexandria-based studio Fig Leaf. It is set to premiere at the Expanded Forum of Berlinale. This is the second year for Fig Leaf to have a film entered in Berlinale.

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