Sudanese security forces crash party meeting
Asmaa Husseini, Saturday 25 Dec 2010

Sudanese security forces stormed the headquarters of the Sudanese Umma Party, on Friday, assaulting a large number of its members with clubs and using tear gas.

The Umma Party's leadership said in a phone call from Khartoum that several of their members were seriously hurt, including Mariam Sadek Al-Mahdy the party's communication officer and daughter to its leader.

Al-Mahdy was hit on her head, suffered a broken arm and was moved with the rest of the wounded to a hospital in Umm Dorman.

The party leaders added that the attack was "unjustified" and meant to harass the members. They said it was aimed at finding an excuse to take measures against the party's activities and political initiatives at a sensitive phase where Sudan was facing national disintegration.

Party members were meeting to deliberate various national issues and were supposed to go for prayer afterwards at Al-Ansar mosque.