Trump's 100 days: A rattled establishment, some surprises
AP, Monday 24 Apr 2017

President Donald Trump has rattled Washington, startled world leaders with his unpredictability and won their praise for a surprise strike on Syria. And that is all in the first 100 days,

He's endured the steady drip of investigations and seemingly endless public personnel drama.

Trump campaigned on a promise of instant disruption, but indirectly acknowledged that change doesn't come quickly to Washington. He showed signs that he feels the weight of the office, discussing the "heart" required to do the job.

Although he retains his signature bravado and a salesman's confidence in his upward trajectory, he displays an awareness that many of his own expectations for his first 100 days in office have not been met. Trump suggested in an interview that "the 100 day" measurement "is not very meaningful."