National theatre productions in Ramadan
Ahram Online, , Wednesday 24 May 2017
National theatre troupes are announcing their productions during Ramadan in Cairo and Alexandria, in addition to re-stating popular plays

National Theatre troupes operating under The Artistic Theatre House announced their upcoming plays planned to open and run during Ramadan.

Most of the plays are new productions, with some re-runs of plays that have garnered recent popular success.

The National Theatre Troupe will present a Sufi performance titled Amar El-Oshak (Moon of the Lovers), as announced in a statement by Youssef Ismail, the troupe’s director.

Amar El-Oshak is directed by Mohamed El-Khouly and stars Sawsan Badr, Nasser Seif, and Khaled El-Dahaby, accompanied by the El-Faradees inshad band fronted by Salah Abdel-Hamid.

El-Masrah El-Hadeeth troupe (Modern theatre troupe) will be presenting two shows; a restaging of The Forty Rules of Love at El-Salam theatre starting 2 June (7 Ramadan) running till 16 June, and a new production titled Mohamed Rasul Allah (Mohamed Prophet of Allah) set to be staged on El-Balon Theatre with the opening date yet to be announced.

Mohamed Rasul Allah is directed by Sameh Bassiouny and stars Hassan Youssef and Ehab Fahmy.

Ahmed El-Sayed, head of the Comedy Theatre troupe, stated that they will be presenting a special show on the occasion of Ramadan titled Assal Assal (Honey Honey).

The play is written by Samir El-Asfoury and is based on Bairam El-Tounsi’s Maqamat text. Directed by Emil Shawqy and starring Ola Ramy, Hassan El-Arabi and Fatma Ali, the play will be staged at Miami Theatre.

As for El-Taliaa theatre troupe, director Shady Sorour announced that the upcoming Ramadan production is titled Kaanak Tarah (As if You See Him), directed by Maher Mahmoud and written by Nesma Samir.

The play will also feature inshad performers alongside Mohamed Younes, Maher Mahmoud and Ola Naqib.

The National Theatre for Children announced through troupe director Hassan Youssef that they will re-stage Enta Fein Ya Qamar (Where are You Moon), directed by Hassan Saad, due to its wide success during its February and March staging.

El-Saha theatre troupe will also re-stage Doctora Fi El-Hob at El-Hadeeka El-Thaqafeya theatre.

In Alexandria, two shows will be presented by the Alexandria Theatre troupe.

The first show is titled Rehlet Nour (A Journey of Light) and will be staged at the Beiram El-Tounsi theatre and is directed by Gamal Yacout.

The second is Shika W Amir El-Ghaba (Shika and the Forest Prince), written and directed by Riham Abdelhamid.