Political forces call for revolutionary revival
Ahram Online, Sunday 20 Nov 2011
Political forces and groups have called for an open-ended sit-in across Egypt, saying the revolution must be revived

Following clashes in Tahrir Square Saturday, 18 political forces have announced an open-ended sit-in early Sunday and have urged all national forces and movements to stage sit-ins across the country.

In a statement, the forces said they have decided to stage the sit-in because they believe remnants of the old regime are still running the country, and given the lack of a clear timetable for a transition of power to an elected civilian government.

The forces said that the political movements and forces of the revolution are the only source of authority in the country and have decided to revive the January 25 Revolution.

They added that they will continue their sit-in until Essam Sharaf's government is immediately dissolved, a national salvation government, which will oversee the transitional period along with parliamentary and presidential elections, is formed, and the ruling military junta is stripped of its political cout.

The groups are also demanding that parliamentary elections are held on their scheduled date, that presidential elections are held on 1 April 2012, and that the Interior Ministry be reformed.

Among the 18 forces that released the statement are the Revolution Youth Coalition, the 6 April Movement (Democratic Front), the Revolution's Protectors Council, the Revolution Youth Alliance, the Free Movement for Peaceful Change, and the Egyptian Current.

Prime Minister Essam Sharaf has announced that parliamentary elections will not be postponed.

According to the Ministry of Health, Saturday's clashes left 928 injured and two dead.