Government assoc'n breaks Egypt election law: Urges tourism workers to vote for a specific bloc
Ahram Online, Monday 28 Nov 2011
The Red Sea hotel authority urged tourism-sector employees to vote for the Egyptian Bloc to counter Islamist blocs in the area

Statements issued by the Egyptian hotel association of the Red Sea tourism chamber in Luxor urging regional tourism-sector employees to vote for the Egyptian bloc electoral alliance have surfaced on the net.

Statement no. 718 included names of Egyptian bloc’s candidates in Luxor, Red Sea, Fayoum and Port Said.

Although government authorities are banned by law from supporting any candidate or bloc, the statement was even signed by their chairman in a clear violation of the law.

The noticeable increased presence of Salafists in the Red Sea and Luxor, where tourism is everyone's bread-and-butter, many hoteliers opted to support liberal parties and candidates like Al Masryeen Al Ahrar

The Egyptian Bloc includes Al Masryeen Al Ahrar party, the Social Democratic party and the Tagammu party.