Five Brotherhood members arrested for 'exploiting Trump's Jerusalem decision to incite violence'
Ahram Online , Friday 8 Dec 2017

Egypt's interior ministry said it has arrested five people belonging to the banned Muslim Brotherhood group for exploiting the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel to incite protests aimed at destabilizing the country.

One of the Brotherhood's fugitive members in Turkey shared an online video inciting people to protest and commit violent acts against the state, the ministry said in a statement on Friday.

The video was followed by similar statements from a group affiliated with the Brotherhood calling on people to demonstrate and use improvised explosive devices to incite chaos and obstruct traffic, it added.

Four men and a woman accused of preparing the plot have been arrested while in possession of 50 IED’s, the statement added.

The ministry said investigations showed the group was planning to carry out violent and damaging acts following the weekly Friday prayers to "trigger [clashes] with police, incite violence…and create an image if insecurity and instability."

Egypt has designated the Muslim Brotherhood group a terrorist organization.

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, drawing a flurry of condemnation from the Arab world and Western allies.