Egypt due for more unstable weather on Thursday, high temperatures in Cairo
Ahram Online, , Wednesday 28 Mar 2018

Egypt will see a continuation of recent unsettled weather on Thursday, with high temperatures in Cairo and sandstorms in most of the country’s regions.

Sandstorms on Wednesday brought rain to Cairo and some other areas overnight, with some thunder and lightning.

The unsettled weather is due to continue, say meteorologists, with much of the country seeing low- and medium-level cloud cover on Thursday, along with rainfall in some areas.

Thursday will also see strong winds in the Red Sea, the Mediterranean and the Gulf of Suez, leading to severe disruption of maritime navigation.

High and low temperatures in Celisus:

Cairo: 35-21
Alexandria: 27-14
Nile Delta: 35-20
North Sinai: 30-15
South Sinai: 31-23
Upper Egypt: 39-21