RECAP : Estimated Seat Breakdown after First round of elections
Egypt Election Watch (Ahram Online and Jadaliyya), Friday 16 Dec 2011

Estimated Seat Breakdown after Runoff (as of 7 December 2011)

List Seats before Runoff Runoff Gains* Total

Freedom and Justice 42 31** 73 (49%)

Al-Nour 26 4*** 30 (20%)

Egyptian Bloc 13 2 15 (10%)

Wafd 10 1 11 (7%)

Revolution Continues 5 1**** 6 (4%)

Al-Wasat 4 0 4

Reform and Development 2 0 2

National Party of Egypt 1 1 2

Egyptian Citizen 1 1 2

Freedom 1 0 1

Al-Adl 0 1 1

Independents 1 2 3

Total 106 44 150

*Includes all but two races in Cairo’s district #1, two races in Alexandria's district #3, two races in Assiut district #2 and two races in Assiut's district #3 (scheduled for a re-vote on January 10-11).

**Includes FJP allied candidates Mohamed Al-Khodeiri, Hosni Dowidar, and Khaled Megahed.Freedom and Justicelist includes candidates from the parties of the "Democratic Alliance for Egypt"

***Al-Nour's winners include Building and Development candidate Bayoumi Ismail. Al-Nour and the parties of the "Islamist Bloc" (Building and Development Party and Asala Party) are contesting the election through a joint election roster under Al-Nour's name.

A note on seat distribution for party-list races:The seat distribution for party-list races displayed in the tables below is not part of theofficial resultsreleased by the Higher Elections Commission. The editors computed the results using a largest remainder"hare"quota, though it should be noted that someobserversbelieve that the exact method that Egyptian authorities will use to determine seat allocation in party-list races has not been thoroughly explained. Also the seat distribution below assumes that all parties will cross the legally-mandated threshold of 0.5 percent of the nationwide vote