New release: Egyptian author Zeinb Afifi mixes love with revolution
Ahram Online, Wednesday 21 Dec 2011

Shams Toshreq Marratayen (A Sun that Rises Twice) by Zeinab Afifi, Cairo: Dar Al-Kitab Al-Araby (Arabic House for Book), 2011. pp 115.

Zeinab Afifi’s new novel A Sun that Rises Twice dives down into untold human feelings, which the author describes as “Feelings topped with dust”. Love and revolution are the dramatic lines the novel takes, and they are the two themes that give the whole novel human depth. The main character is a woman called Shams, married to a successful businessman whose main reason for existence are pay checks and deals.

She finds her old love, Salah, and discovers that she gave up love for money; the husband’s presence and absence are the same for her. The drama escalates to a climax in which the revolution breaks out and they forget their own problems for the one common goal.

Afifi is an Egyptian writer and novelist who has published four books: Only to you, Sorry I loved you, Those Who Confess and Famous love stories in the 20th century.