Egypt's NAC calls for 'Friday of Regaining Honour'
Ahram Online, Thursday 22 Dec 2011
A call sent by the ElBaradei-associated National Association for Change urges all Egyptians to march for dignity Friday

The National Association for Change (NAC) has called on all Egyptians to demonstrate in Tahrir Square and in different parts of the country protesting the “crime committed near the Cabinet by the military”, referring to violence against women, specifically in the recent attack on Tahrir Square.

The NAC’s statement called on all Egyptians to march peacefully to “regain Egypt’s honour”. The statement emphasised the important role women played in the January 25 Revolution, adding that in return women’s rights have been ignored since the revolution and undermined by the ruling military council and Islamist parties.

The statement called for mass demonstrations to condemn “the brutal crime committed against Egypt’s most noble women” adding that the revolution, which held to the slogan “Hold your head up high, you are Egyptian,” will no longer accept that an Egyptian woman or man is insulted.