Egypt Ministry of Interior apologises for defamatory photos of women’s march
Ahram Online, Thursday 22 Dec 2011
Police regrets photoshopped images it published on the ministry's official website to alter message of women protesting against military violence and rule

The Ministry of Interior has issued an apology for publishing defamatory photos of the Egyptian women’s march on its official Facebook page.

The photoshopped images showed the female protesters holding posters of blue and pink bras, even though in the original images, the posters were holding posters with the slogan “down with military rule,” written on them.

The march, which included 10,000 women, took place on 20 December and was staged against military rule and in response to military brutality against women.

One incident which sparked particular outrage was the case of the beating and stripping of an unidentified protester during the clashes. The protester, who was wearing a black veil, was stripped down to her bra and jeans and dragged through the street as she was kicked and beaten by a group of soldiers.