Egypt condemns 'heinous' suicide bombing on Muslim clerical council in Afghan capital
Ahram Online, , Tuesday 5 Jun 2018

Egypt condemned on Tuesday the "heinous" the terrorist attack in Kabul which left 14 dead, statement by Egypt's Foreign Ministry read.

"Egypt strongly condemns the attack carried out by the terrorist organization Daesh on the Grand Council of Muslim Clerics in the Afghan capital," the statement read.

On Monday, a motorcycle suicide bomber killed 14 people near a gathering of Muslim clerics in the city, the latest in a series of attacks to hit Kabul.

The foreign ministry statement expressed sincere condolences to the families of the martyrs and wished the speedy recovery of the injured.

The statement also stressed that the Egyptian government and people stand with the government and people of Afghanistan to counter terrorism which threatens the security and the stability of the country.

The bomb killed seven Muslim clerics, four security officers and three people whose identities were unknown, a senior government official said.

The statement stressed that this "disgraceful" crime took place after the clerics' council had issued a fatwa against suicide bombings.

"These [terrorist] groups have nothing to do with the teachings of Islam and all countries must unite to confront them," the statement read.