Egypt’s House of Representatives approves law honouring army commanders
Ahram Online , Monday 16 Jul 2018

Egypt’s House of Representatives passed on Monday a law presented by the government to honour some army commanders, to be named by a presidential decree.

The majority of the MPs approved the law, while only eight MPs rejected it, according to parliament speaker Ali Abdel Aal.

According to the new law, the president determines the names of those army commanders to be honoured, as well as the privileges they will enjoy for the rest of their lives in the law in an official presidential decree.

The law also stipulates that those commanders would be eligible for ministerial privileges, as well diplomatic immunity while traveling abroad.

The commanders also are not to be investigated for any action they committed while doing their job between 3 July 2013 and 8 June 2014, except with permission from the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.