Conservation work on chandelier in the Mohamed Ali Mosque scheduled to be complete in October
Nevine El-Aref, , Wednesday 29 Aug 2018
Conservation work on the huge chandelier of Mohamed Ali Mosque is to be completed in October

The Ministry of Antiquities is set to complete the conservation work on the chandelier located in the eastern corner inside Khedive Mohammed Ali Mosque in October.

Gareeb Sonbol, the head of the Central Administration of Conservation, said that the conservation work was carried out in accordance to the latest scientific and technological techniques available in the field. All of the decoration and accessories on the chandelier were cleaned and its hands were restored using parts sourced and created similar to the original.

The ministry of antiquities started the conservation project of Mohammed Ali Mosque in 2017 and 90 percent of the restoration work has now been completed.


The mosque, which began construction in 1830, is also known as the Alabaster Mosque due to its alabaster halls. It stands proudly on the highest point inside Saladin's citadel. The Turkish architect Youssef Boushnaq designed the mosque in the style of the Sultan Ahmet Mosque in Istanbul.