‘On Codes, Symbols & Stockholm Syndrome’ at Safarkhan Gallery
Ahram Online, Monday 9 Jan 2012
Egyptian artist Khaled Hafez will open his new solo exhibition ‘On Codes, Symbols & Stockholm Syndrome’ at Cairo's Safarkhan Gallery on Tuesday 10 January

In a new series of large scale canvases entitled On Codes, Symbols & Stockholm Syndrome, Egyptian artist Khaled Hafez probes the divergences between the real and the inauthentic, in a series of paintings that seek to “step back and contemplate events I have lived through over the past year in Egypt…from revolution to the kidnapping and hijacking of that revolution in less than 12 months.”

Likening Egypt’s current political disorientation to the psychological phenomenon of Stockholm Syndrome, where prisoners show loyalty to their captors, this highly metaphoric work explores society’s enslavement to codes and symbols as a means of interpreting reality. On Codes, Symbols & Stockholm Syndrome is Hafez’s first solo exhibition in two years.

The exhibition will open on Tuesday 10 January at 6.30pm and will run until 28 January.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday - 10 am to 1.30 pm and 5 pm to 9 pm.

Address: 6 Brazil Street, Zamalek, Cairo