British Council creative partnership to boost entrepreneurial spirit among Egyptians: UK minister
Ahram Online, , Sunday 14 Oct 2018

The British Council’s creative partnership is aiming to boost entrepreneurial spirit among young Egyptians, said UK Minister of State for the Middle East Alistair Burt in Cairo on Sunday while attending the official launch of a British Council programme.

A partnership with Britain would help to boost the creative economy in Egypt and help create jobs for future generations, UK minister Alistair Burt has said while attending the official launch of a British Council programme.

Burt told delegates at the Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies forum in Cairo that UK investment would “give young people the skills they need to turn their dreams into reality.”

“Innovation is at the heart of economic success. We know that for countries to succeed in creating jobs for future generations, and solutions for society’s problems, we need to support bright ideas and entrepreneurial spirit.”

“That’s why the UK is investing in entrepreneurs, through programmes like DICE, and in education, to give young people the skills they need to turn their dreams into reality,” he said.

The two-day forum was attended by Egypt's minister of communications and information technology, as well as other key government actors, national institutions and relevant organisations that the British Council is working with to understand and develop this particular area of the economy.

The creative sector offers opportunities for entrepreneurs from a diverse range of backgrounds, in particular young people, women and other marginalised groups.

A press release by the British Council affirmed that grants offered as part of the Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies programme are only allocated to projects that can benefit these groups.

“Through the programme, the British Council is collaborating with a range of government, academic and business organisations to assess the shape and size of the creative economy, its potential, and ways to improve its growth,” the British Council said.

“The programme will also provide grants to individuals to kick-start projects in the creative economy. By boosting Egypt’s creative sector, through the right strategies and support, the project hopes to increase employment opportunities, particularly for young people.”

Elizabeth White, country director at the British Council in Egypt, said at the forum: “As we celebrate 80 years in Egypt, we have launched this new programme which combines arts, creativity and entrepreneurship – and looks to the future.”

“If you have a new idea, whether it’s in social sciences, art, or technology, the future can be yours, because growth through innovation is the future,” Egypt’s Minister of Communications & Information Technology Amr Talaat said at the forum.

“Digital technology contributed a great deal to the development of creative economy, which has been growing considerably in recent years. This makes investing in innovative technology and entrepreneurship a strong priority to achieve inclusion and sustainable development, which are part of Egypt’s 2030 Vision,” he added.

The Ministry of CIT contributes to this vision by launching different projects that encourage youth to innovate and develop their knowledge base, as well as create awareness of entrepreneurship and intellectual property protection.

More importantly, the ministry is launching programmes that apply technology to enable and include people from different factions of society.

“Such programmes include distance learning, developing the technological infrastructure of public schools, and building the skill sets of youth in marginalised and rural areas, in addition to providing access to technology to people with disabilities,” the minister added.