Programme: SHNIT film festival in Cairo this weekend
Ahram Online, , Friday 19 Oct 2018

The SHNIT international the short film festival is back in Cairo this year, with screenings at Zawya cinema between 18 and 21 October.

The transnational film festival takes place simultaneously in multiple cities on five continents.

SHNIT screens international shorts produced in the past year; previous SHNIT winners have gone on to be nominated for the Academy Awards short films category.

This year’s 13 “blocks” of films are grouped by colours, with moody titles like Dark White and Silent Pink.

On Friday, a group of four Egyptian films will be screened together under the title Made in Egypt.

The majority of this year's screenings are taking place in Zawya, but the US embassy hosted one evening of screenings on Friday, and the closing events will take place at Cima in Garden City.


Thursday 18 October at Zawya

4pm: Silent Pink - International (90 min.)
.Roadside Attraction
.Negative Space
.Second Best
.Scris/Nescris (Romania)
.Shabi Ke Sobh Nashod (Iran)
.Broken Bunny (Canada)

7pm: Neon Black - International (90 min.)
.Satan (Switzerland)
.Creme De Menthe
.First Kiss (U.K)
.Two Puddles (U.K)
.Lalay-Balalay (Russian Federation)
.Wildebeest (Belgium)

10pm: Dark White - International (90 min.)
Flynn? (Netherlands)
Dieter Not Unhappy
Belle A Croquer (France)
Take A Rabbit
Practice (China I U.S)
Touchs Diese

Thursday 18 October at U.S. Embassy Cairo IRC

2.30pm Shnit Comedy

Friday 19 October at Zawya

4pm: Heavy Orange - International (90 min.)
.Laps (U.S)
.Kleptomami (Germany)
.Tex (Netherlands)
.Andro (Georgia)
.Diagnosis (U.K.)
.Poilus (France)
.Internet Gangsters (U.S)

7pm: Made in Egypt 1 screenings (50 Minutes)
·Nada by Ahmed Adel Yehia
·Extremely Beautiful Problems by Muhammed Abdul Hakim
·The Last to Leave Rio by Osama AIad
·Deeply Absurd Lucidity by Sammy Sayed

10pm: Sunny Blue - International
.Koniec Wodzenia
.Less Than Human
.The Feast (U.K)
.Kismet (Turkey)
.May Day (Belgium)

Saturday 20 October at Zawya

4pm: Hot Grey - International (90 min.)
.Little Shit (Netherlands I U.K)
.The Absence

7pm Made in Egypt 2 (47 Minutes)
·A Thousand Nights by Antonious Bassily
·Jebel Banat by Sharine Atif
·From Inside by Ramy Gabry
·The Last Scene by Farouk Kasem

10pm: Shnit Comedy
.Pile Ou Face
.I Will Not Write Unless I am Swaddled In Furs (New Zealand)
.Catastrophe (Netherlands)
.Halko (Finland)
.Artem Silendi

Sunday 21 October at Zawya

4pm: Shnit Realtime showcase (87 minutes)
·On My Way to the Cinema by Sondos Tarek
·Basterma: I hope you like me now by Sondos Tarek
·Against My Wall by Ahmed Fouad
·Not Geo by Mustafa Disha Hisham
·El Couple el khateer, W Abo Klot El Shreer by Abdelrahman Latif
·Fine Line by Mina El Naggar
·Mouri by Ramy Badran & Rania Zhara

7pm: Midnight Yellow - International (90 min.)
.Offstage (Romania)
.Les Miserables (France)
.The Dorectors Treatment (U.S I Costa Rica)
.Lost Property
.Good Mourning (South Africa)
.The Ordinary (France)

10pm: Bright Brown - International (90 min.)
.Aaba (India)
.Celica (Slovenia)
.Wave (Ireland)
.Bonobo (Switzerland)
.Artem Silendi

Sunday 21 October at Cima

6pm: SHNIT Comedy

8pm: SHNIT Animates2
.Pepe Le Morse (France)
.Whale Heard (Denmark)
.Poles Apart (U.K)
.I Want Pluto To Be A Planet Again
.Inhibitum (Belgium)
.A Sweet Story (Germany)
.Orogenesis (France I Spain)
.Lost Property
.Nachsaison (Austria I Portugal)
.Celica (Slovenia)
.Overrun (France)