Art Alert: Rania Shaalan is back with an acoustic night at Sufi Bookstore
Eslam Omar, , Monday 5 Nov 2018
A stand-alone acoustic night will be performed by an enthusiastic Rania Shaalan at Sufi Bookstore after a long absence

Egyptian alternative music writer and singer Rania Shaalan is back to perform after a long hiatus in a stand-alone acoustic concert at Sufi Bookstore in Zamalek on Friday 16 November.

"I am so excited for this concert. It comes after tough times I experienced recently and it means a lot to get back on stage to perform my songs with my guitar again," Shaalan told Ahram Online ahead of her anticipated concert.

Shaalan had stepped away from performing after a period of activity, but she is returning to perform at the Cairo Opera House with a full band concert in January, where she will also return to introducing new talents.

"I thank God for guiding me and showing me the way back after I had suffered from severe depression, thinking I was getting too old to sing. But He showed me signs and I feel optimistic and enthusiasticnow," Shaalan said.

Shaalan will be performing her typical repertoire, most of which she composed herself and is written by poetry icons like Salah Jahin and Ahmed Fouad Negm.

Shaalan revealed that she will also perform two new songs she composed recently, including 'New Page,' which was inspired by her brother Waleed Shaalan, also a guitarist and songwriter who collaborated with many musicians including Wust El-Balad.

The skillful sculptor, who gained fame in the alternative music scene in the 2000s, has collaborated with many well-known musicians including Grammy-Award winner Fathy Salama.

Friday 16 November, 8pm
Sufi Bookstore, Zamalek, Cairo

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