Six-nation 'Red Wave-1' naval drills conclude in Saudi Arabia
Ahmed Eleiba, Sunday 6 Jan 2019
The drills included Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Djibouti, Sudan and Yemen

Multilateral naval drills dubbed "Red Wave-1" conclude in Saudi territorial waters Saturday, Egypt's armed forces announced.

The drills, which started four days ago in Saudi Arabia, included as participants naval forces and special forces from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Djibouti, Sudan and Yemen.

The drills included forming sailing formations for offensive and defensive purposes, addressing speedboat attacks, live fire training, repelling hostile air attacks, and bolstering inspection capacities.

Egyptian naval special forces and frogmen units carried out a demonstration on coastline reconnaissance, opening gaps to secure landing areas for attacking forces, rapid landing by aircraft, launching attacks on naval units within ports, and defending coasts.

Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Armed Forces Mohamed Farid attended the main stage of the drills.

Red Wave-1 was aimed at bolstering the participants' preparedness to carry out joint tasks in the Red Sea.The drills were also meant to strengthen the maritime security of countries on the Red Sea, enhancing military cooperation and exchanging combat experience.

The exercises are part of a plan for the armed forces to deepen ties with fraternal and friendly countries and reach the highest levels of efficiency and combat readiness, the defence ministry said in a prior statement.