Egyptian guitarist Ousso Lotfy releases album 'Khashab & Kahraba'
Eslam Omar, Thursday 21 Feb 2019
'Khashab & Kahraba' is a literal translation of 'Wood & Electricity', describing acoustic and electric guitar types

Successful Egyptian guitarist Ousso Lotfy has announced the release of his new album, 'Khashab & Kaharaba', urging fans to listen to it on various internet platforms, thanking dozens of artists for their support.

The 15-track album is “an Arabic jazz fusion album experience recorded with a diverse selection of guitars. Most of the compositions are recorded and arranged twice, exploring different arrangements and guitars," Lotfy stated.

"'Khashab & Kahraba' is a literal translation of 'Wood & Electricity'. In the Egyptian music scene it is a reference to electric and acoustic guitars and is the first question you are asked when you identify yourself as a guitarist," the artist said, adding: "Ninety-nine percent of the guitars are made of wood while all recordings are done with mics, preamps and mixers, hence the electricity. So basically, everything comes down to 'Khashab & Kahraba.'"


The founder of SOS Music Festival (2006-2010) and Ewsal bel3araby (2016), Ousso is an icon of the country's alternative music scene, co-founding successful bands like Nagham Masry and HOH (with Wust El-Balad's Hani Adel and Hani El-Dakak of Masar Egbari), as well as being a member of Eftekasat and several other bands.

“When composing a track, in my head I always imagine a vast variety of options, so I decided to experiment with some of it in this album,” Lotfy said.

Lotfy, who started recording the album in 2013 while at Berklee Valencia Studios, put the project on hold for four years due to his engagement in various projects before finally resuming at his studio in Cairo.

Lotfy thanked dozens of artists who collaborated and supported his album at Berklee Valencia and in Cairo, offering special thanks to Lebanese bassist Andre Segone "for encouragement, support, the love and passion of music, and the incredible bass lines in this album."

Each track of 'Khashab & Kahraba' is visually designed by the founders of artistic retail store Earth, artists Mohamed Aref and Hoda Ismail, who expressed delight in participating in the album.


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