Trailer for Earthquake TV series starring Mohamed Ramadan reaches 2 million views
Ahram Online, Thursday 2 May 2019
The trailer for Zelzal (Earthquake) was released 12 April on Youtube

The trailer for Zelzal (Earthquake), a Ramadan 2019 television series, has reached two million views three weeks after it's release on Youtube.

Directed by Ibrahim Fakhr with a script by Abd El Rahim Kamal, Zelzal will feature Egypt's star Mohamed Ramadan in a leading role, as well as other well known actors, such asHala Sheeha, Majed El-Masry, Hanan Suliman, and Mohamed Al-Hennawy.

Ramadan is one of the Egypt's best known actors of the younger generation.

In his early 30s, Ramadan has already a large portfolio of the leading roles in many films and television series, including El Diesel (film, 2018),Nesr El-Saeed (TV series, 2018), Akher Deek Fe Masr (film, 2017), Jawab Ieteqal (film, 2017),El Kenz (film, 2017), and Al Ostora (TV series, 2016) among 50 other titles.

Ramadan also appears on theatre stages, in plays such as Welcome Ramadan (2016), His Own Boss (2013),Fe Ay Ya Masr (2011), among others.

Aside from acting, Ramadan launched career as a rapper. Hissong Virushit six million views shortly after its release on Youtube in March.

The upcoming Ramadan 2019 television series Zelzal takes viewers back to year 1992 when an earthquake hit Egypt and a man's house was demolished in the major tremor.

"The man had just finished paying his last installment for his purchased house and the seller had been delaying giving him his house deed for some time. The buyer sadly dies after the earthquake and his son is unable to prove his right to inherit the land on which the house was built. The situation escalates further when the seller refuses to cooperate and provide the son with proof of ownership of the land, and it is further entangled with the love story that the seller discovers between his daughter and the son of the owner of the lost house," reads the series' synopsis posted on the website.

The Zelzal television series will be aired onDMC and MBC1 channels during the upcoming month of Ramadan.

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