Ahmed Nazmi's Oriental jazz band at Elbet Alwan
Eslam Omar, Wednesday 22 May 2019
With his band, Nazmi will perform a selection of compositions from his latest album 'Shams,' and his first album, 'Ethbat Hala,' including material that hasn't yet been studio-recorded

Veteran Egyptian bassist Ahmed Nazmi will lead his band in performing his compositions at Elbet Alwan art venue in Zamalek on Tuesday, 28 May.

"I am looking forward to this concert because it is very special to play on front of a crowd listening so near to the stage," Nazmi told Ahram Online ahead of the concert.

The music producer will perform his nine-track album Shams, in which he blends Egyptian compositions with jazz.


"We will also play some pieces from my first album, 'Ethbat Hala' (2012), with some not yet studio-recorded," he added.

Nazmi will be accompanied by guitarist Hussein Gamal, pianist George Nabil and drummer Mustafa El-Kerdani.

Nazmi has been frequently featured with legendary names like Grammy-Award winner Fathy Salama, renowned Lebanese composer and playwright Ziad Rahbani,Bassem Darwisch's Egyptian-German ensemble Cairo Steps, and Egyptian star singer Mohamed Mounir, as one of the frontrunning bassists of the region.


Tuesday, 28 May, 9:30 pm
Elbet Alwan, 13 Taha Hussein Street, Zamalek.

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