Brotherhood predicts Shura Council election sweep
Ahram Online, Tuesday 31 Jan 2012
Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party says it received up to 60 per cent of votes in first stage of Shura Council poll, which saw a 15 per cent voter turnout

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) says its electoral lists amassed 30-60 per cent of the votes in the first stage of elections for Egypt's Shura Council (upper house of parliament), which ended last night.

Meanwhile, many FJP individual candidates are expected to compete for seats in run-offs on 7 February – held when no candidate won more than 50 per cent of votes in the first poll.

Turnout was 15 per cent over two days of voting in 13 governorates – including Alexandria, North Sinai and Daqahliya – notably lower than in the recently completed People’s Assembly (lower house) election.

Three million people were eligible to vote.

The FJP is the largest party in the first post-Mubarak People’s Assembly, having secured around 47 per cent of the seats.

Stage two of the Shura Council election will begin on 14 February.