Foreign ministry ‘following up’ on return of Egyptian scientist’s body from Morocco
Ahram Online ,MENA , Sunday 8 Sep 2019

The Egyptian foreign ministry is following up on the procedures for retrieving the body of an Egyptian nuclear scientist who passed away in Morocco on Thursday.

Abu Bakr Abdel-Moneim Ramadan, the head of Egypt’s Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority, fell ill at a Marrakesh hotel while in Morocco for a work conference.

"The Egyptian embassy has been maintaining contacts with the Moroccan authorities ever since Ramadan was announced dead, to follow up all necessary measures in terms of the cause of his death," Assistant Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs Yasser Hashem said in the Sunday statement.

"The Egyptian scientist felt sick during his participation in a workshop and excused himself to leave for his hotel room to take medication and have some rest, and as one of the hotel staff was passing by his room he heard him cry for help and brought a doctor to him," it added.

Ramadan passed away on the way to hospital, according to the statement.

A forensic exam was conducted on the order of the Moroccan prosecution, which gave the cause of death as a heart attack.