Solos in Parallel 3
Nagwa El-Ashri, Saturday 28 Sep 2019

The “Solos in Parallel” exhibition’s third round features new collections by Egyptian contemporary artists Klay Kassemand Ayyad Alnimeris currently on show atTAM Gallery. The exhibition aims to take the viewer on a journey through two contrasting worlds – Kassem’s melodic interpretations of Mozart’s The Magic Fluteand Alnimer’s vibrant and personal perceptions of theworld.

Inspired by the music, the costumes and symbolic story of this timeless opera piece, Klay Kassem unleashes an enigmatic visual experience with layers of detail, emotion and imagination to show his own scenes of The Magic Flute: the Queen of the Night and her snake-headed allies, the angelic power of Sarastro, and the two lovers Tamino and Pamina.

Kassem’s freedom of expression is reflected not only in formulating and developing his design elements, but also in his artistic performance as a whole. He is an artist who never overlooks any stage of his process. “In his work, Kassem maintains the uncertainty of beginnings until his work reaches its ultimate maturity while preserving the uniqueness of each stage to produce a compelling work that blends spontaneity with thoroughness and precision,” as critic Amal Nasr puts it.

The exhibition is on until 3 October.

*A version of this article appears in print in the 26 September, 2019 edition ofAl-Ahram Weekly.