Egyptian Children honoured by the Russian Cultural Centre in Cairo
Reham El-Adawi, Monday 21 Oct 2019
The Centre organised a ceremony to honour the Egyptian delegation returning from the International Children’s Camp in Russia

A delegation of Egyptian children was honoured by the Russian Cultural Centre in Cairo and received certificates of appreciation following their successful participation in the International Children’s Camp in Russia.
The delegation excelled in competitions against participants from Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Armenia, Uzbekistan and France.
The Egyptian children held an exhibition of ancient Egyptian products and presented a Pharaonic performance and dances from Upper Egypt.

The delegation also held an Egyptian cultural day where it presented a show on the ancient Egyptian civilisation in Russian, English and Arabic.

They also gave a presentation about ancient Egyptian myth, telling the story of the gods Isis and Osiris, and held a workshop for learning Arabic and how to write names in both Arabic and Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Head of the Russian Cultural Centre in Cairo Aleksey Tevanyan said that “the film that we saw today by the organising committee confirms that the children of Egypt presented the best show and the best exhibition and impressed the Russian camp with their elegant performance.”

Director of the Cultural Programme at the Russian Centre Sherif Gad, who headed the Egyptian delegation, said that the Egyptian children displayed a high sense of responsibility and won the love and attention of everyone.

“The delegation, comprised of Shady Adel, Marwan Negm, Abdallah Mahmoud, Habiba Sherif, Noura El-Gebaly, Selim Khaled, Romaysa Khaled, Salma Sameh, Omar Khaled and Susanna Tamer, succeeded to present a good image of Egypt abroad,” Gad said.

Gad added that the support of the Tourism Activation Authority, the High Institute of Ballet and the Russian Cultural Centre completed the elements of success for the Egyptians in the camp.