In Photos: Housing minister inspects the New Administrative Capital
Sama Osama, , Sunday 17 Nov 2019
The capital includes a new park and a tower set to be the tallest in Africa

Housing Minister Assem El-Gazzar toured the New Administrative Capital on Saturday, to follow up on the progress of multiple construction projects.

During his inspection, El-Gazzar toured the first fully completed street in the third residential district, the towers of the Central Business District, including the “Iconic Tower,” which is set to be the tallest tower in Africa, the city’s “Capital Park,'' and the “New Garden City” district.

First finished street

According to a statement by the Egyptian cabinet, the paving and planning work on the first completed street have been finished.

The street has two bicycle lanes, and the statement added that there will be bicycle lanes and streetlights on both sides of all the streets in the district.

El-Gazzar stated that for the first time in Egypt’s new cities, a smart system for the collection of solid waste will be implemented in the new capital. The system will be managed electronically, and the disposal boxes will be placed near buildings and distributed in accordance with the number of residents.

He praised the efforts exerted and said that 80 percent of the total work in the third residential district, "the Capital Residence," has been completed.

He said that the district has an area of 1,000 square acres, and includes eight neighbourhoods, with 24,130 housing units currently under construction.


Central Business District

According to the housing minister, the Central Business District is being implemented by the Chinese company China State Construction Engineering (CSCEC), and its first phase is set to be opened next year.

The Chinese company is building 20 multi-use towers, including the Iconic Tower.

El-Gazzar said that the Central Business District project is one of Egypt’s greatest and most important projects, and that it represents a breakthrough in Egyptian-Chinese cooperation.

According to the minister, the sixth floor is currently being completed in a number of towers, and work on the project is ongoing 24/7 to finish as quickly as possible.

The minister conveyed President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi’s praise for the effort exerted in the Central Business District project to the Chinese workers and officials carrying it out.


Iconic Tower

During his tour, El-Assar witnessed the beginning of construction of the Iconic Tower's metal structure.

The tower will be 385 metres in height and will consist of 80 floors, on an area of about 240,000 square meters.

The tower will feature commercial, residential and hotel usage.

Officials of the Chinese company implementing the project said that the 11th floor of the tower is currently under construction.


Capital Park

El-Gazzar stated that the Capital Park project will be one of the new capital’s landmarks and will contribute to achieving a high quality of life for citizens.

The minister said that the 1,000-acre park will be one of the largest parks in the world.

He explained that the park respects the topographical nature of the place, and is in harmony with the ecosystem.

According to the minister, the park will be easily accessible, and has pedestrian and bicycle lanes. He stressed that Egyptians from all classes will be able to enjoy the park.

New Garden City

According to the minister, 35 percent of the work has been completed in New Garden City, the city’s fifth residential district.

The area of the district is about 1,000 acres, and it will contain 23,000 housing units.