Egyptian police kill 3 terrorists in North Sinai shootout: Ministry
Cherine Abdel Azim, , Thursday 5 Dec 2019

Egypt's Ministry of Interior said in a statement on Thursday that security forceskilled three terrorists in a shootout in North Sinai.

"The operation was part of the ministry's efforts to track and arrest terrorists involved in hostile operations that have claimed the lives of many in the Armed Forces, police and among civilians," the ministry said.

"Information was gathered by the National Security Agency regarding the presence of terrorists in the Jalbana area in North Sinai, and that they were preparing to carry out a series of attacks against the Armed Forces and police," the statement said.

"Upon the approach of police forces, the terrorist group opened fire, prompting police to fire back and kill three terrorists,” the ministry said.

Security forces seizedtwo automatic rifles, two grenades, rounds of ammunition and a pistol.