Sobeih: Palestine is permanent on Arab League agenda
MENA, Wednesday 7 Mar 2012
Palestine will always be a primary issue of concern, says top Arab League official

Mohamed Sobeih, Arab League assistant secretary-general for Palestine, said Wednesday that "the case of Palestine and occupied Arab lands is a permanent issue on the Arab League Council's agenda…the Palestine sector monitors all violations carried out by Israel on the ground."

He mentioned in a statement that the Palestine sector prepared a memorandum explaining the sum of Israeli violations on occupied Palestinian territory as well as in the Syrian Golan and what is left of occupied Lebanese lands.

Sobeih said the importance of the memorandum lies in its circulation -- after its adoption -- to every state and the United Nations. The idea is for the memorandum to become the guide for Arab states in the international organisation to move and issue decisions from the General Assembly or the Human Rights Council and other organisations.

He added that the memorandum explains in detail the state of the peace process and negotiations as well as Palestine's bid for full UN membership and Arab efforts to urge states not recognising Palestine to do so according to the June 1967 borders.

Sobeih praised the role of the Arab Peace Initiative, which shored up the Palestinian issue whether at the UN or within negotiations and the peace process.

He mentioned that the Arab League Council will discuss a draft resolution concerning occupied Jerusalem, Israeli settlements and refugees, giving support to the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

Arabs provide much support for UNRWA, said Sobeih, underlining the necessity to hold anyone who voted on the partition of Palestine responsible towards Palestinian refugees.