Egypt's online exhibition Art Spreads Hope
Nagwa El-Ashri, Tuesday 12 May 2020
The exhibition features 50 artists from 10 countries

“Art Spreads Hope” is an online exhibition organised by artist and founder of the “Euro-Arab Artoday” cultural project Shereen Badr, on the cultural website

The exhibition is an initiative to spread hope and optimism to face the corona pandemic. It features 50 artists from 10 countries: Egypt, Italy, Serbia, France, Belgium, Kuwait, New Zealand, the Philippines, Belgium, Cyprus and the United States.

This unique display of art from around the world will include painting, drawing, print making, mosaic graphics, sculpture and photography.Part of the sales proceeds will go towards the treatment of Covid-19 cases in the participating countries. Emphasising the need to continue with cultural activities if only online, and to expand the scope of exchange during quarantine, the exhibition also encourages students to consolidate their connections with the art world and helps to support the artists it features.

The “Euro-Arab Artoday” cultural project serves Arab and European artists under the auspices of the Association for Supporting the Arab-European Relations. The organisation aims to support the cultural interaction between Arab and European people by holding events, workshops, exhibitions and training courses.

*A version of this article appears in print in the 14 May, 2020 edition ofAl-Ahram Weekly