Egypt reclaims 5,000-year-old statue from Czech Republic
MENA, Tuesday 9 Jun 2020

The Egyptian ambassador to the Czech Republic signed Tuesday a protocol to return an Egyptian artifact seized by Czech authorities while monitoring illegal possession of and trade in antiquities.

Saeed Hindam signed the deal with Czech Minister of Culture Lubomír Zaorálek who handed over the piece of antiquity, a statue dating back to the Naqada II Period (3350 -3200 B.C) to the Egyptian ambassador.


The deal reflects the strong historical ties between both countries as well as the Czech interest in ancient Egyptian history and antiquities, which is demonstrated by the excavation activities carried out by the Czech archaeological mission in Egypt for more than 60 years, Zaorálek said.

The retrieval of the priceless piece is the fruit of the close cooperation between the ministries of foreign affairs and tourism to reclaim smuggled Egyptian artifacts from abroad.