Salafist Front backs Brotherhood candidate, Morsi for president
Ahram Online, Wednesday 2 May 2012
The Salafist Front has decided to support the Muslim Brotherhood's official candidate, Mohamed Morsi, in his presidential bid

The Salafist Front has officially announced that they plan to back the Muslim Brotherhood's presidential candidate Mohamed Morsi in the upcoming elections.

The Front said in an official statement that they will back Morsi because he has the consensus of most Islamic bodies in the country, including the Islamic Body for Rights and Reform and the Salafist Dauwa for Sunna and Jamaa.

The Front stressed that they also fully support Morsi's Nahda (Renaissance) campaign platform and asked him to keep his promises and elevate the status of the Egyptian nation.

Specific forces in society, says the Front, have been squeezing the Brotherhood in attempts to fragment the Islamic vote and allow members of the former regime to rise to power again.

The Front also asked Morsi to reinstate Egypt's Islamic identity, including instating sharia (Islamic law) as its main source of jurisprudence.