Shafiq thanks voters who chose him in Egypt election
Ahram Online, Friday 25 May 2012
As vote count shows the former Mubarak prime minister closing in on a runoff spot in Egypt's presidential race, Ahmed Shafiq uses Facebook to thank Egyptians for voting for him

On Friday morning, presidential frontrunnerAhmed Shafiq expressed his gratitude to all voters who chose him over the course of two days of voting in the first post-Mubarak presidential elections.

On his official Facebook page, Shafiq also promised that if he wins he will ensure that Egyptians live in a climate of freedom.

"To the generous people of Egypt, justice is the rule of law," Shafiq said.

"All thanks and appreciation for your efforts in supporting me as a candidate," he continued.

The administrator of Shafiq's page also directed a few words to rival presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi.

"The Shafiq campaign salutes the honourable Sabbahi, and God bless him. If he wins we will not be upset because he is a patriotic man."