SCAF member Shahin denies withdrawing from Egypt's constituent assembly
Ahram Online, Wednesday 13 Jun 2012
Major Mamdouh Shahin denies news that he is pulling out of the constitution-drafting body

Major Mamdouh Shahin, a member of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces, denies news circulating around his intention to withdraw from the constituent assembly.

Earlier on Wednesday official sources told Ahram Online that Shahin was pulling out Egypt's constitution-drafting body due to lack of consensus on its structure.

Fifty-seven MPs reportedly walked out of Tuesday's joint parliamentary session, which convened to elect the assembly's members, citing the unfair distrubtution of seats that opponents believe favours Islamists.

Representatives of the liberal Wafd Party, theEgyptian Bloc,the Revolution Continues, the Hurriyah Party,the Socialist Popular Alliance Party, the Egyptian-Arabic Union Party, the Egyptian Citizens' Party and several independents are among the MPs who left the session in opposition.