Egypt's SCAF meets to discuss Thursday's constitutional bombshells
Ahram Online, Thursday 14 Jun 2012
Ruling military council holds strategy meeting following Thursday's contentious court rulings on parliamentary elections, 'political disenfranchisement'

Egypt's ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) held a meeting on Thursday afternoon to discuss two controversial court rulings – one on a Political Disenfranchisement Law and the other on a Parliamentary Elections Law, both of which were found to be unconstitutional by the court.

On Thursday afternoon, Egypt's High Constitutional Court declared Egypt's Political Disenfranchisement Law – which had threatened presidential finalist and Mubarak-era PM Ahmed Shafiq with disqualification from the presidential race – unconstitutional. The ruling will allow Shafiq to contest the presidency against Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi in a runoff vote on 16 and 17 June.

A second ruling, meanwhile, found Egypt's Parliamentary Elections Law – which regulated last year's legislative polls – to be similarly unconstitutional. The latter verdict means that both the People's Assembly and the consultative Shura Council (the lower and upper houses of Egypt's parliament) will likely be dissolved in advance of fresh elections.

An official source told Ahram Online that neither the SCAF nor any of its members had yet released any statements on the contentious rulings.