No military intervention in Syria despite deterioration: UK
Amer Sultan , Wednesday 18 Jul 2012
As fighting unfolds in Damascus, Britain rejects calls for international military intervention in Syria, recommends peaceful settlement of 16-month uprising

The United Kingdom has insisted on a peaceful settlement to the Syrian crisis despite the deteriorating situation inside the country.

“We will not call for any international military intervention in Syria,” a UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) spokesman told Ahram Online.

Foreign Secretary William Hague has condemned the bombing of the National Security headquarters in Damascus on Wednesday morning.

“This incident, which we condemn, confirms the urgent need for a chapter VII resolution of the UN Security Council (UNSC) on Syria," Hague said in an official statement.

Chapter VII of the UN charter has a clause, known as the 'responsibility to protect', and it is the sole argument in international law that would allow for legitimate military intervention in Syria.

The UK proposed a draft resolution on Syria in the UNSC last week.

“Despite the deterioration inside Syria, we will call for a chapter VII resolution with the aim of increasing pressure and sanctions on the Syrian regime and not for military intervention,” an FCO spokesman said.

He added that military action is not possible because of opposition from Russia and China.

“The situation in Syria is clearly deteriorating. All the members of the UN Security Council have a responsibility to put their weight behind the enforcement of Joint Special Envoy Kofi Annan's plan to end the violence,” Hague said in his statement.

The UK mission to NATO said there is no discussion about military action in Syria.

“For the time being, there is no talk within the NATO headquarters about military action," a UK mission spokeswoman told Ahram Online.

She added that there is no threat to the national security of any of the NATO members, which is needed for the organisation to think about taking military action.

“Any role for NATO in military action in Syria needs a UN Security Council resolution,” the spokeswoman confirmed.