Influential French film-maker Chris Marker dead at 91
AFP, Monday 30 Jul 2012
Film-maker and writer Chris Marker, best-known for his short film La Jetee (The Pier) has died on Monday 30 July - one day after his 91st birthday

Chris Marker, an influential French film-maker, writer and intellectual, has died at the age of 91, friends and colleagues said on Monday.

Marker collaborated with cinema greats including Akira Kurosawa, Costa-Gavras and Alain Resnais over the course of a career spanning six decades in which he made over 50 films, many of them inspired by his left-wing and anti-colonial politics.

He was best-known for his 1962 short-film La Jetee (The Pier), a story of a survivor of a future war travelling back in time to relive his own death. The highly stylised film inspired Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys sufficiently for Marker to be credited as one of the writers on the 1995 feature.

His documentaries included Cuba Si, a favourable 1961 profile of Fidel Castro and the Cuban revolution, and 1967's Far From Vietnam (Loin du Vietnam), a collaboration with other leading European directors opposed to US involvement in South-east Asia.