'Hëy’Ya Arab Women' sports Photography show at Sotheby in London
Ahram Online, Tuesday 31 Jul 2012
Hëy’Ya meaning let's go in Arabic, is the title of an exhibition held at Sotheby’s, London from 25 July till 11 August 2012. The exhibition will be also on display at QMA gallery; Doha at the beginning of next year

Presented by Qatar Museums Authority at Sotheby’s London, Hëy’Ya Arab Women in Sport Photographs exhibition, with works by the well known French photographer Brigitte Lacomb, sheds light on Arabic women in sports, women of a few generations, beginners and accomplished athletes.

The exhibition draws attention to the problems that Arab women athletes face in their respective countries, their own individual experiences, obstacles they have to deal with depending on cultural restrictions or lack of resources and facilities.

Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco competing with European counterparts; Green Team from Jeddah (Saudi Arabia); athletes from Palestine; sportswomen from Aspire, a Qatari organisation that encourages sporting activities for young people, and many more stories presented within the Hëy’Ya Arab Women in Sport Photographs give us a glimpse at the Arab woman pursuing their careers as athletes in a variety of geographical, social and cultural environments.

In total, the exhibition presents more than 20 stories from different Arab countries.

The exhibition has been commissioned by Qatar Museums Authority. Now on display in Sotheby’s London until 11 August, Hëy’Ya will be also shown in Doha at the QMA Gallery in early 2013.

The exhibition will be concluded by an illustrative book, featuring images by photographer BrigitteLacomb, essays by Gini Alhadef, an Egyptian-born writer and Sofia Almaria, a Qatari filmmaker and writer.