Egyptian Bishop condemns insults against Prophet Mohamed
Ahram Online , Thursday 13 Sep 2012
Episcopal Bishop Mounir Hanna denounces insults directed at Prophet Mohamed, offers sympathy to Muslims, calls for limits to freedom of expression

Bishop Mounir Hanna of the Episcopal Church in Egypt, North Africa, and the Horn of Africa has condemned "all forms of abuse" directed at the Prophet Mohamed.

The Bible prohibits giving offense or insulting anyone, the Bishop said in a statement on Thursday.

I respect and have sympathy with the feelings of Muslims around the world, the Bishop added in comments reported by MENA, the state news agency.

Furthermore, Mounir criticised the lack of restraint on freedom of expression in the West, which he claimed allowed people to publish offensive books and films about important figures in all monotheistic religions.

He cited the Da Vinci Code as a film that was offensive to Christianity.

The Bishop's comments come in response to protests in Cairo, Benghazi and a number of other Muslim cities over an anti-Islam film that mocks the Prophet Mohamed.