'Death to Obama', Moroccan protesters react on anti-Islam film
AFP, Friday 21 Sep 2012
Protests against 'The Innocence of Muslims' video continue in Morocco, as hundreds gather in north-western city of Sale, Friday, chanting against US President Obama and the West

Some 200 Moroccans protested on Friday outside a mosque in Rabat's twin city of Sale after weekly prayers, chanting anti-US slogans and denouncing US President Barack Obama, an AFP photographer reported.

"Death to Obama!" "Down with the West!" and "American Satan!" were among slogans shouted by the protesters, most of them Islamists, outside the mosque in a poor neighbourhood.

During the protest, which lasted around 20 minutes, Salafist imam Hassan Kettani addressed the crowd and denounced the "attacks on Islam and its Prophet," the AFP photographer said.

A similar protest was held in Sale last Friday, when around 200 Islamists chanted anti-US slogans and burned US flags. Two days earlier, in Morocco's largest city Casablanca, around 400 mostly young Muslim activists protested outside the US consulate, amid a heavy police presence.

The latest gathering in the kingdom comes amid protests across the Muslim world against a US-made film and French cartoons mocking Islam, with violent demonstrations in Pakistan leaving at least 13 people dead.

France's ambassador in Morocco, Charles Fries, on Thursday described as a "provocation" the cartoons of a naked Prophet Mohammed published by the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, and urged Muslims not to fall into the "trap" laid by its authors.

The embassy and French schools in the former colony remained open on Friday, unlike in some other Arab countries, notably Tunisia.